"Our Instructors"


Inskip Dasent, Instructor License #4319-026

Working Since: 08/2002
Info: Originates from Trinidad & Tobago and is an accomplished drummer/percussionist. Known for his great attitude towards everyone, his excellent sense of humor, and detailed instruction towards nervous students.




Lorena Ramos, Instructor License #4319-021

Working Since: 03/2007
Info: Great with teens, outgoing personality and loves teaching. On her off time she loves dancing and is also a Latin Ballroom dance teacher.




James Deloney, Instructor License #4319-047

Working Since: 12/2010
Info: James is known for being patient with students that are nervous and/or scared. In his free time he likes to workout at the gym and play video games with his children.



Joshua Mendoza, Instructor License #4319-056

 Working Since: 04/2013
Info: Joshua's easygoing personality and patience with first-time drivers makes him popular with both teens and adults. In his free time, Joshua enjoys spending time with family and watching baseball.



 Brenae Robinson, Instructor License #4319-060

 Working Since: 02/2014
Info: Brenae is a patient and polite person who helps students succeed. In her free time  she likes to go to the beach.



 Marcos Garrido, Instructor License #4319-062

 Working Since: 03/2014
Info: Marcos is great in building up confidence with first time drivers. He has a great sense of humor and a great attitude. In his free time he likes to play and watch soccer.


Veronica Ruiz, Instructor License #4319-063

 Working Since: 03/2014
Info: Veronica is very patient and great with first time drivers. She enjoys all types of music and in her free time she spends time with family.



Armando Segura, Instructor License #4319-020

Working Since: 03/2006
Info: Armando works well with all age groups and is very patient. When he is not teaching he loves to read and spend time with his family.